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“A brilliant young singer” – Al Jarreau             


Andrea Miller's voice has been described as soulful, sensual, hypnotic, and endearing. A Top 5 Finalist in the International Sarah Vaughan Jazz Vocal Competition in both 2021 and 2020, Andrea is currently heating up the international jazz scene, concert stages and radio stations.


Miller opened for the legendary Al Jarreau at many concerts before he passed including the Newport Beach Jazz Festival in California. She received a standing ovation and gracious compliments from Jarreau and his band and was set to tour with and open for him in Europe, just prior to his passing.


In November 2022,  Miller was selected by world renowned Princess Cruise Lines to be the first "Jazz Artist in Residency" onboard the Sky Princess in England. Earlier in 2022, she headlined the Punta Mita Jazz Festival, Texas Jazz Festival and San Jose Jazz Weekend in Cabo San Lucas. Miller previously headlined Jazz De Polanco Festival in Mexico City, Bemol 5 Jazz club in Lyon, France, Jazz at LACMA in Los Angeles, Newport Beach Jazz Party Series, Utah Arts Festival, Salt Lake City Jazz Festival, and Newport Beach Summer Jazz Series with the Tom Kubis Big Band. 


A member of SAG/AFTRA and ASCAP, Miller’s performances have gained critical acclaim at venues such as the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Pasadena Jazz Institute, Baked Potato, Spaghettini, Catalina Jazz Club, Vibrato and Jazz on the Rocks Cabo San Lucas.       


Andrea had the honor to work with David Foster, Quincy Jones and Alan & Marilyn Bergman when recording a vocal demo for CELINE DION "I Knew I Loved You". Originally trained in opera at a young age, Andrea won first place in the Oregon State Vocal Competition first soprano category when only 14 years old. She then went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts from USC.  


In addition to performing, Andrea works as a session singer. Her voice can be heard on recordings by Disney/Pixar, Paramount Pictures, NBC, ABC, Samsung, Warner Brothers, EMI, Mattel Toys, and others. In 2021 Andrea released her fifth album “Time to Stay” with the San Gabriel 7. Her other online albums are “Maybe Today”, “II By II”, “Andrea Miller Featuring the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra”, “Soulful Dream”, "Imagine - EP", “Fly Like an Eagle – EP” and “Andrea - EP”.




"As my countdown to stage got smaller and smaller, I started to hear some marvelous music coming from the stage, floating through my dressing room window. Our opening act was a brilliant young singer named Andrea Miller. The whole band was impressed with her song selection, with her bandmates, arrangements, and her jazz sensibilities. I enjoyed listening the little bit I got to, and the band enjoyed their even closer look." (Al Jarreau)


“As I told Andrea after she sang The Masquerade is Over, she owns that tune. In all my years in this business playing with the best jazz singers Carmen McCrae, Anita O’Day, Peggy Lee etc., I never heard anyone sing it as good” (Pat Senatore)


"Andrea will get to your heart even if she sings in the middle of a boat in the sea. What she does has nothing to do with being in L.A., London, Paris or whatever. It has to do with artistic commitment and love for every note she sings, and that's how great artists act, don't you think?" (


“She’s very charming, personable and attractive and sings with a lot of emotion”.  “Her delivery is soft and sensual, almost hypnotic.  She sings with confidence”.  (L.A. Jazz Scene)


“Everybody’s heard the old standard, ‘Cry Me A River,’ every long, drawn-out sob story milked within an inch of its life. Miller as the vocalist gives each line just the right amount of pathos, verve, and snap. She isn’t the kind of singer to wallow in the pitiful aspects, but to turn up the rebound several notches for a refreshing take.” (AXS)


“Listening to her music, it is easy to see why she was honored, her honest, touching lyrics are delivered by her strong, soulful voice in such a divine way that you can't help but be drawn in. After seeing her flawless live performance of the old standard ‘My Funny Valentine’, I realized that this is one artist who deserves all the accolades and awards she gets. Andrea has a captivating quality about her that commands your attention and earns your praise.  Andrea is definitely an artist worth listening to.”  (


“One listen to Andrea Miller’s 21st century update of “Angel Eyes,” will endear you to this song all over again.” (AXS)

“Andrea Miller, Jazz singer by choice, but who measured up well with the best R&B and Pop singers when she delved into those genres earlier in her career, may be one of the best young singers on the music scene today.” (Riveting Riffs Magazine)

"Andrea Miller is a Southern California vocalist who is busy around town and has a voice as beautiful and warm as any given Los Angeles summer day. She is exceptionally expressive on "Angel Eyes," "Imagine" and "Cry Me A River." (Dee Dee McNeil)


"Miller steps in on the slow, dreamy “Angel Eyes.” Her delivery is reminiscent of some of the iconic jazz divas, like Nancy Wilson, Dinah Washington and Anita O’Day." (The Jazzwriter 2015)


"Andrea Miller, a soulful and sensual singer that delivers the truth in John Lennon's "Imagine," beautifully stylized her vocal with flute highlights by Ann Patterson that brought on goose bumps as a personal reaction. I immediately replayed this seven minute gem to enjoy it again; Lennon's inspirational piece was never better performed! A Cole Porter perennial favorite, "Just One Of Those Things," with his articulate phrases, as, "A trip to the moon on gossamer wings," and "a love affair just too hot, not to cool down," so unique and so "Cole Porter," nobody could write those but him, and Miller nailed them! During Miller's emotional vocal of "Angel Eyes," my wife came into the room to ask about "the utterly beautiful song that was drifting throughout our home!" (Harvey Barkan, LA Jazz Scene)


“Cry Me A River,” features an exceptional solo by tenor saxophonist Rickey Woodard as he underlines Andrea Miller’s emotional urgency in this fresh arrangement. “Just One of Those Things” features Andrea Miller’s blues-drenched interpretation. (Paul Edelstein, AXS)


“I first heard Andrea on and was totally amazed with her song "River Road" from her “Alone” album. She blends three and four of her harmony voices together flawlessly in an emotional, tight and beautiful original song with such control that she stays solidly in the key of D from start to finish. Andrea should be well on the road to enjoying a wonderful career thanks to her special vocal ability to bring beauty back to music. "(Michael Peace, Cashbox Magazine)


The San Gabriel 7 Featuring Andrea Miller “Time to Stay” – JRL Publishing

Aaron Miller Featuring Andrea Miller “Come Away” Single – Ina Mae Music

“Andrea Miller” EP – Present Tense Recordings, Inc.

Background Vocals on “The Message” Single by Tina Rogers – MEDI-Records, Germany

Andrea Miller and Ron Kobayashi “Fly Like an Eagle” EP – Carpet Cat Records

Andrea Miller Featuring The Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra EP – Ina Mae Music

Eric Wyatt “Look to the Sky” Album – Whaling City Sound

Lead Singer on “See This Through” in Rough Night Starring Scarlett Johansson – Columbia Pictures

Andrea Miller “Body and Soul” Single – Ina Mae Music

Andrea Miller/Michael Cunningham “Maybe Today” Album – Present Tense Recordings, Inc.

The Peak Experience Jazz Ensemble “Live at Lucy’s Place” Album – Joyspring Music

Michael Cunningham “Christmas Collection” Album – Present Tense Recordings, Inc.

Andrea Miller "Soulful Dream" Album - M&M Productions, Inc.

Andrea Miller and Ron Kobayashi “Imagine” EP – Ina Mae Music

Andrea Miller “Another Love” Single – Ina Mae Music

Lead Singer on “Blue Heart” – Chumpy Autumn CD 1 – SWC Global Media LLC

Andrea Miller “Amazing Grace” Single – Ina Mae Music

Andrea Miller “Gotta Go” Single – Ina Mae Music

Andrea Miller “Tempt Me” Single – Ina Mae Music

Andrea Miller “II By II” Album – Ina Mae Music

Andrea Miller and Ron Kobayashi “Don’t Ever Say Goodbye” Single – Frank Meyskens Productions

“Kaosz Theory Epic” Album - Kaosz Theory

Andrea Miller “Words Can Wait” Single – Tim Eldridge

The Chico Buarque Project, Volume 1 Album – Barking Heart Productions

Lead Singer on “Are You Sorry” Single – Brentwood Beat Songs of Ivan Wainer – Ivan Wainer

Sang on the soundtrack for “Star Trek Beyond” – Paramount Pictures

Sang on the soundtrack for “Zootopia” – Disney

Sang on the soundtrack for “Jurassic World” – Sony Pictures

Sang on the soundtrack for “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” – Sony Pictures

Sang on the soundtrack for “Star Trek Into Darkness” – Paramount Pictures

Lead Singer on “The Nearness of You” – Black Toast Music

Sang vocal demo "I Knew I Loved You" for Celine Dion

Andrea Miller “Perfect Day” Album – Windgate Music

Sang on the soundtrack for "John Carter of Mars" - Disney/Pixar

Sang on the soundtrack for "Land of the Lost" - Warner Brothers

Max Holly “Totem” Album – Holly’s Hand

Recorded 3 ringtones for Samsung

Recorded & co-wrote "The Sweetest Dream" on album Imagination - Domo Records

Sang all songs on "Let’s Start Over - Tom Fowler Interface" - Forbidden Vegetable Music Co.

Background vocals on “Swi.T” – YG Entertainment, Korea

Sang all thematic vocals for “Beachbody Yoga Booty” – Anchor Bay Entertainment

Sang on Barbie commercial - Mattel Toys

Recorded songs for various EMI artists

Lead singer on album "ABBA DJ" - Dimelo Records

Lead singer on album "Mixologia" - Dimelo Records

Lead singer on album "The Tao of Groove" - Groove Gravy Records

Lead Singer on album “Jazzelicious Presents” – Groove Gravy Records

Lead singer on album "Brazil Remixed" – Groove Gravy Records

Lead singer on album "Inner Chaos" - Beatchamber Records

Lead singer on album "Alternative Sessions" - Beatchamber Records

Lead singer on album "The Reindeer Room" - Kriztal Entertainment

Voice of stuffed animal "Betsy Bunny" - Mills Trading Company

Featured singer on album "All About the Children" - Shore Records

Featured singer on album "It's Christmas Time in the City" - Blue Planet Records

Lead singer on album "Daybreak" by Michael Haggins - Cuate Records Co.

Background Vocals on “The Monster Mash” – Delta Records



"Vitello's features an intimate, private room upstairs that has become the home of this restaurant's Red Carpet Jazz Series. Recently, I attended a show there featuring the very talented Andrea Miller. Large wooden doors swung open to a full house. The crowd sat in rapt attention of this little lady with the compelling voice. Dressed in a simple black dress and patent leather pumps, Miller was moving back and forth across the stage, as if anticipating every nuance of her band. Her whole body pulsated with music, whether she was singing or listening to her band members solo. On piano was Ed Czach, David Miller on double bass and Jack LeCompte on drums. Arriving late, I missed the first couple of songs. However, right from the moment I sat down, Ms. Miller was engaging. The talented songstress exhibits an easy patter with her audience. Here is an artist that makes you feel right at home, as though you have dropped by her place for dinner and drinks. At the same time, she offered the audience a relaxed, but highly emotional interpretation of songs. As an introduction to one tune, Miller confessed she no longer smokes or drinks coffee. Then she sang the bluesy composition "Black Coffee," wringing each tone from the song like a handkerchief full of tears. Next came her fluid arrangement of "Love For Sale;" followed by James Taylor's pop hit "Fire & Rain." Miller made both songs uniquely her own. Her repertoire is diverse. During the evening, her vocal style projected a confident, jazzy strength; particularly exhibited in her swinging and spirited version of "Moanin.'" The first set ended with the old standard "Sentimental Journey" where Andrea lamented that she has never taken a train trip, but would love to do so and would surely hum this song during her excursion. An evening with Andrea Miller is a trip all to itself. There are some singers you experience, only to puzzle why a major record label hasn't swept them up and shared their talent with the world. Andrea Miller is one such gifted artist."


“Last night, I went to the Pasadena Jazz Institute for the first time. The venue is an amazing setting with the perfect ambiance for a night of relaxation, camaraderie and -- most importantly -- JAZZ.  I could spend a lot of time talking about how admirable the Institute’s mission is or even just how perfect the lighting was, but this review HAS to be about vocalist Andrea Miller.  Andrea was backed by Derrick Finch on piano, Tony Dumas on bass and Paul Lines on drums. The band was the perfect compliment to enhance the vocals, and by the middle of the second set, they were both pushing each other harder and harder to soar higher and higher.   

Andrea’s voice was powerful and well over the legal limit of soul, and she welcomed the audience to drink in her voice and feel the intensity that seems to flow so effortlessly from her.  By the end of the evening, all you can wish for is that Andrea will never turn her attention completely from jazz and will always take a piece of it with her into everything she sings.  NOTE: Go to Andrea Miller’s Offical Website: and listen to her amazing rendition of "Over the Rainbow."

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